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What I do love about this ensemble, though, is Hilton’s leather-sleeved Burberry Trench Coat. Burberry has done some fantastic variations on the brand staple in recent seasons, and updating the sleeves in biker chic black quilted leather makes the jacket look just current enough to be a fashion piece instead of a classic wardrobe staple. More fun outerwear, fewer bags that everyone already has, Nicky!It’s interesting to see how the Celine Luggage Tote has spread from the fashion world and through the celebrity diaspora. (It’s interesting if you’re me, anyway. I won’t hold it against you if you disagree.) Fashion people first started scavenging shelves for this bag seasons ago, back when Phoebe Philo had just started her tenure at Celine and it still wasn’t a brand on the radar of most bag lovers. The Olsen Twins took notice almost immediately, because at this point, they’re more “fashion people” than mainstream celebrities, at least when it comes to which projects they’re taking.

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